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What is Teeth In A Day?

Teeth in a day is a special kind of dental implant performed to create new custom dentures. Instead of the conventional process of removing the teeth, installing dental implants, designing custom dentures and securing the dentures for a couple of months, the Teeth In A Day case simplifies the entire process.

Rather than informing the patients to spend several months without teeth, the Teeth In A Day procedure requires a conventional or instant load implant-sustained detachable denture to be placed. Most times, you might have to replace or adjust your denture after the restoration of your smile is complete and completely healed before the denture is fixed permanently.

What Is The Difference Between Traditional Implants And All-On-4 Implants?

Typically, between six to eight implant posts are required to support dentures in your lower or upper arch but the All-On-4 procedure just like its name only requires 4 as a result of the special methods utilized during the surgical procedure. The posts are usually positioned at an angle that will provide support to the most concentrated region of the bones. This ensures that all patients undergoing All-on-4 do not require bone grafting which is not the case for other traditional implants as they require this additional procedure due to the resorption of the bone that occurs after losing the teeth. This implies that Teeth In A Day is a faster, affordable, and more comfortable dental implant procedure.

Importance of Teeth In A Day

All-On-4 implant or Teeth In A Day is an ideal surgical procedure that helps to remove dentures. This procedure is also ideal for individuals with failed teeth and requires the restoration of the lower and upper jaw. When installing a new set of custom teeth, only four implants are required. Two implants are positioned at the front while the remaining two implants are positioned fittingly at the rear.

According to its name, the whole process will be completed in one day. When undergoing the All-On-4 procedure, you will be sedated to keep you comfortable or you might even sleep off. The All-On 4 procedure is painless which will offer a new replacement within a day.

What to Expect

Just like other procedures, you will schedule an appointment with a dental specialist to guarantee that you’re a candidate for dental implants. Our dental staff will also discuss the pain relief choices with you beforehand to ensure that the procedure goes very smoothly. Typically, the operation is usually carried out using a local anesthetic alongside a sedative if required. We will also collaborate with you before your treatment for the design of your natural smile and take estimations to ensure that the new set of teeth perfectly fits.

In the first phase, the dental implant will be inserted into the jaw. The All-On-4 procedure requires four implants which would be precisely installed into the jaw bone before the dental specialist utilizes different advanced and innovative technology to fix the new teeth to the implants.

Why You Should Consider The Teeth In A Day Procedure

Dental implants are a permanent approach to fixing your missing tooth if you’ve previously had any kind of teeth replacement or used dentures in previous times. Implants are permanent alternatives to dentures which makes it require a more involved procedure.

All-On-4 is usually the most ideal method of restoring your normal life after losing your teeth and getting back that natural smile which will allow you to enjoy the full benefits offered by dental implants. Some of these include improved chewing strength, improved stability, healthier teeth, and many more.

All-On-4 Aftercare

The All-On-4 dental implants also require appropriate cleaning just like you would the natural teeth to guarantee improved functioning, durability, and maximum oral health. The good part is that your normal twice a day brushing and cleaning routine is all that’s required to maintain the All-on-4 implant dentures at home. Although, constant appointments will be required for professional maintenance and to ensure that the implant remains in perfect condition.

How Teeth In A Day Works

First Step: Apply Anesthesia

In order to be relaxed and comfortable throughout the process, your dental specialist will administer either a general or local anesthesia.

Second Step: Preparation

The dental specialist will ensure that your mouth is ready for installing the implant. This might involve the removal of other failing teeth that will guarantee the removal of infected or diseased tissue from the gum or jaw.

Third Step: Implantation

The implantation process will then follow. This implies that titanium screws will be installed into the jaw bone. Two implants will be fitted at the front and at the back of the mouth to enable anchors to uniformly support the weight of the denture.

Fourth Step: Complete Touches

All the regions and incisions where the procedure was performed will be properly cleaned. You will then be relocated to a recovery room to wake from the sedative and have more rest.

Reasons You Should Opt For The All-On-4 Or Teeth In A Day Procedure

The Solution Is Minimally Invasive

Dental implants offer a premium restorative dental procedure for oral issues. It is an intelligent decision to remove diseased and decayed teeth for a suitable replacement. This procedure takes a lot of time to recover from. This procedure is widely selected as it offers a minimally invasive solution.

The Treatment Is Easily Accessible

Although dental implants are an excellent choice when replacing a significant number of teeth. This procedure might be time-consuming and very expensive which is why many individuals opt for the All-On-4 implant procedure for an improved solution since the procedure is affordable, durable, and strong.

Eliminates the Requirement for A Bone Graft

Implants are usually supported by a thin or very soft bone which makes bone graft very important. This could require using a unique grafting material that will strengthen the bone for a proper dental implant. However, the All-On-4 procedure does not require a bone graft.

Painless Dental Implantation

The All-on-4 utilizes modern technology to provide effective planning of the dental implant. This is an accurate and relaxing procedure for patients. Dental sedation is administered to promote comfortability, stress-free, and painless procedure. Pay a visit to the dentist close to you for more information.

You Will Join Our Many Fully Satisfied Clients

Since this procedure offers amazing results, the satisfaction rate of our customers is very high. The All-On-4 dental implant is the most ideal solution that you need and you can easily book an appointment with a dental specialist near you for more information.

Advantages of All-On-4 or Teeth In A Day Dental Implant

Reserving the Jawbone

The teeth in a day procedure offer a restoration of the jaw’s structure by improving a declining condition. They are also helpful in preserving and stimulating the density of the jaw bone restoring the natural beauty of the smile.

Retaining the Youthfulness of the Face

Dental implants are very effective in preventing significant change to the appearance and improving the overall structure of the face. The ability to smile with a set of white, natural-looking teeth can give a younger appearance.

No Limitations When Eating or Biting

Although your dental specialist might suggest a soft diet for the first few weeks after the procedure, you will regain your full chewing ability after complete recovery.

Smile Freely Without Holding Back

The advantage teeth in a day offer over others are the ability to get back your confidence in smiling after leaving the clinic with the knowledge that your new teeth will never misalign. You can finally hope for a comfortable and painless experience.

Instant Result at an Affordable Cost

The risk associated with important bone grafting procedures have been eliminated through the Teeth -In A Day procedure. We perform a comprehensive 3D CT scan which enables our dental specialists to discover a bone. As an added bonus, the single-day procedure requires minimal maintenance which does not extend beyond the regular oral hygiene routine used for the natural teeth.

Final Words

Having a lost tooth is already one issue, experiencing the loss of those teeth for a very long time will cause another issue.

This is why we suggest that patients immediately evaluate their restorative options. We at Coquitlam Dental Group offer an accurate surgical procedure that enables us to carry out instant extractions and install dental implants in one day to limit the required number of visits. The outcomes are usually fresh, sparkling new, and a natural-appearing set of teeth that offers many benefits to your overall well being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I A Candidate For Teeth In A Day?

Teeth in a day are suitable for those that might lose their teeth in the future or have already lost a couple of teeth. This procedure is suitable for individuals who have one defect or the other in their mouth.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

The complete procedure does not extend beyond one day. The time taken usually involves the lab development of your personalized smile. Your gum can completely heal from about three to six months.

Are Teeth In A Day Detachable?

All-on-4 o teeth in a day procedure involve the permanent installation of a set of new, customized teeth on dental implants that are surgically installed on your jaw. They offer a similar function, appearance, and maintenance like natural teeth.

Will the Procedure be Painful?

Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, a sedative is administered where the patient will be given an anti-inflammatory drug before the commencement of the procedure although there might be a very little swelling or discomfort.

What Should You Expect After the Treatment?

The first 72 hours post-surgery, try to rest at home. In case you have an I.V. sedation or general anesthesia, you might feel dizzy, light-headed, and sleepy after the surgery. You can find a grownup to stay with you after the procedure.

Will the Outcome Appear Natural?

Absolutely. The teeth in a day or all-on-4 dental implant offer a permanent solution that appears, function, and feel like the natural teeth. Nobody will be able to spot the difference except you inform them.

How Long Will I be Able to Recover My Smile?

It will typically take from six to eight months before your teeth can be completely affixed to the implants. The All-On-4 procedure is also known as Teeth In A Day because only one procedure is required to complete the process.

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