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Crowns and Bridges A crown can be described as the outermost covering of the tooth making up its size and shape. A crown offers excellent protection to the tooth structure. The most popular type of crowns is the porcelain. They are durable, last for a long time and may be replaced like other dental restorations. The colour, shape and size…

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

In the world of dentistry today, dental implants are the preferred choice for getting replacement teeth, and are equally popular with the patients as well as the dentists. Have you ever thought why implants are so popular for replacing your missing teeth? This is because of their superior esthetics, convenience and comfort in comparison to other tooth replacement options. What…

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The term Laser Dentistry is an efficient and precise way for performing most dental procedures known today. The ability of the dentist to control the power output and the level of exposure helps to achieve an improved dental procedure. The dentist should direct the therapy on the particular area, whether the tooth or the gum and avoid damage to the…

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