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What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry, that promotes dental health for children starting from birth to adolescence. A dental visit from a certified pedodontist should be planned within six months after the eruption of the first tooth. This early dental examination will reveal the early signs of cavities or dental decay and subsequent management will be advised to stop the process of dental decay. 

The concept of prevention of dental diseases follows very well with children. It is best to instill and build ideas related to preventive dentistry from the formative years. The health of the teeth throughout the life of an individual greatly depends upon how well he/she is taking care of his/her teeth starting from a very young age. 

Throughout life, an individual two sets of teeth erupt and exfoliates. The milk and permanent also are known as primary and secondary teeth respectively. The milk teeth are very important for the overall development and health of your child. The milk teeth provide numerous functions such as chewing, act as guides for the teeth next in line (permanent) to erupt after exfoliation of milk teeth, helps in the healthy growth of jaws, and speech development, etc. So, the health of the teeth from birth to adolescence is crucial and should be monitored thoroughly, by parents at home and by dental health care professionals in clinics. 

What Are Sealants?

Certain preventive measures help greatly to limit and prevent dental diseases in children for example sealants. The most vulnerable sites on the teeth are the chewing surfaces also known as pits and fissure or grooves. The bacteria tend to hide in these areas and actively produce acid that starts the process of decay. Sometimes the grooves on the chewing sites are deep and curvy that cleaning with the help of a toothbrush is not possible. Sealants are aimed to protect teeth from decay. It is a resin-based material that is applied to the grooves to seal the teeth. Sealants are a great way to prevent and limit decay in milk and permanent dentition as well.

Who We Are

We at Coquitlam dental are a group of dental professionals who are qualified and certified for delivering various specialty based dental procedures. All the members of our team are credentialed and competent enough to give the patient a reliable dental treatment that eventually improves the quality of life. 

We aim to deliver and provide high-quality and patient-centered dental treatments at reasonable and affordable costs. Our dental professionals and clinical staff ensure to provide a safe, comfortable, and friendly experience to our respected patients. Coquitlam dental group proudly offers dental services using dental high technology such as Cone Beam Imaging and modern dental equipment and instruments that significantly enhance the treatment efficiency and outcome. 

Why Choose Our Pediatric Care?

Our dentists at Coquitlam dental group are professionally qualified and certified in providing dental treatments in their respective fields. 

Dr. Kamaei has almost twenty years of clinical experience in providing high-quality dental treatments. He is licensed for offering dental treatments under Oral, moderate IV, and Gas sedation. He also offers Invisalign and Implant services.

Dr. Katz, after successfully graduating from McGill University, Montreal, completed a one year residency from Montreal Children’s Hospital. He has successfully completed several dental treatments in British Columbia. 

Dr. Rouhani is certified in providing all types of dental services comprehensively. She intends to deliver safe and pleasant treatments to the patients. Currently, she is also an active member of the Canadian Dental Association and the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia.   

All our dentists have successfully managed and performed many dental treatments holistically, and will ensure to provide the best quality dental treatments for your healthy and beautiful teeth. 

Why Choose Our Pediatric Dentistry?

Our dentists perform consultations, preventive care, and active treatment to children from birth to the age of adolescence. You can contact us before visiting our dental setup. Our dental professionals will make sure to guide and provide you with the best of positive solutions for your children's dental concerns.

What We Do

Apart from emergency dental care, we also provide various dental treatments that are necessary for the overall health of the oral cavity. At Coquitlam dental group we provide following dental procedures comprehensively such as:

Cosmetic Dentistry

This service includes Smile Makeover, Teeth Bonding, Porcelain Veneers, Botox treatment, and Gum Surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Family Dentistry

It includes teeth scaling, restorative fillings, bridges and crowns, dentures (fixed, removable, complete and partial), endodontic therapies, oral and implant surgeries.

Sedation Dentistry

This includes dental treatments that need to perform under local, general, and gas sedation.

Teeth in a Day

Depending on the need and type of dental service.

Periodontal Therapies

It includes treatment for Gum injuries and Surgeries, Gum/Bone Grafting, Periodontal Flap Surgeries, and fixing Loose Teeth and teeth occlusion Problems.

Treating problems related to Bad Breath (Halitosis) and Teeth Grinding or Clenching, and mouth/night guards, etc.

Geriatric Dental Health

Comprehensive dental health care for old age individuals.

Pediatric Dental Health

Comprehensive dental health care for children and adolescence.

Emergency Dental Care

Toothache, Dental trauma to the teeth, and gums.


A modern orthodontic procedure for teeth straightening.

Benefits Of Sealants

As it is said, “prevention is better than cure”. Preventing teeth from dental decay is the main objective behind sealants. Once the tooth/teeth get cavities or decay, it is hard to save a tooth/teeth and it requires active treatment such as filings, etc. For children the process of fillings can be a very difficult experience because of all the instruments and procedure time. Sealant application is the simplest and easiest and very helpful in sealing the tooth.

How Dental Sealants Work

Sealant application is the simplest procedure. It consists of quick four to five steps that can be done in very less time i:e 5 to 10 minutes:

Step 1: Preparation

The Dentist or Dental Hygienist will thoroughly clean and dry the treatment tooth.

Step 2: Tooth is Covered

Cotton rolls of absorbent material are then used to cover the tooth from salivary contamination.

Step 3: Application of Acid

An acid is then applied to etch the treatment site (chewing area). Etching will provide a platform for the actual sealant (resin material) to bond to the site.

Step 4: Wash and Dry

The area is washed and dried again.

Step 5: Sealant is Applied

Fine sealant material is then applied. The material will bond with or without the help of curing light.

Why Deal With Us

Coquitlam Dental Group endeavor excellence and intent to provide quality and patient-centered dental services to our respected patients. We ensure that all our professionals keep their skills and knowledge up to date with new scientific research and trends. At Coquitlam Dental Care, we make sure to respect our patient's time and efficient services are provided. We are proud that our clients trust in our professional dental health care professionals and the services that we provide to them and their loved ones.

Final Words

We professionally handle and treat all your and your children's dental concerns to the best of our practice following standard clinical protocols for treatments and procedures. Moreover, we deliver the best clinical facilities such as a safe and hygienic environment, patient-centered, friendly, and comprehensive dental treatments. Under one roof we provide all types of dental care, that one needs to have a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. Our professionally trained and certified dentists and staff members are dedicated and passionate about giving quality dental care in the world-class clinical environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do the Sealants Last?

Sealants usually last more than 10 years, but it depends on how healthy the diet you take and how well your oral hygiene is.

My Child's Milk Teeth are Anyway Going to Fall Out. Is There A Need for sealants?

Milk teeth are important for the development and growth of permanent. They also help in the overall development of the child. Milk teeth are more prone to decay and cause pain and discomfort. For example, if the child is suffering from decay then he/she will not be able to eat food and chances are of malnutrition. Hence, it is of utmost importance for your child to have healthy teeth.

How Painful is the Treatment?

As the sealant application does not involve any cutting or shaving tooth. It is absolutely a painless dental procedure.

Do All the Children Need Dental Sealants?

Usually yes. But it depends on how deep the grooves are specifically on chewing surfaces. A thorough consultation and discussion should be made with the dentist.  

I Am An Adult. Can I Also Opt for Dental Sealants?

Yes. Dental sealants being a preventive procedure is applicable both for children and adults.

Do All the Children Need Dental Sealants?

Usually yes. But it depends on how deep the grooves are specifically on chewing surfaces. A thorough consultation and discussion should be made with the dentist.  

What are the Post-treatment Instructions?

No such post treatments instructions.

What Consideration Should I as a Parent Make for My Child’s Good Oral Health?

Good oral health for your child depends on how much importance you are giving to your child’s oral health. Meticulous oral hygiene needs to be implemented for a healthy mouth. Oral hygiene for children is the same as for adults however, with slight modifications in terms of the procedures such as circular motion brushing twice a day is recommended for children. Flossing once a day. Flossing is difficult for children but parents can perform and teach flossing step by step every day. Diet intake should be healthy as well. Less intake of sugary items such as candies, cookies, chips, juices is necessary for addition to regular dental visits. 

Do the Sealants Need Maintenance or Replacement?

Mostly, the sealants last longer but it is best to have a regular visit. The dentist after having a clinical checkup will be able to tell you if the sealants need maintenance or replacement. 

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