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What Are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are custom made trays that fit snugly around the teeth of both upper and lower jaws. This tray fits itself around your teeth and prevents teeth grinding or clenching and physical injury or trauma. For the first weeks, it may feel a little discomforting or inconvenient to wear the guards, and with regular use, you will get used to and find it easy to wear and retain.

Why Mouth Guards?

Our oral cavity is often neglected and is considered to be a separate entity with no connections to the whole body. The story is all different. The oral cavity is the most important part of the human body and consists of hard and soft tissues that play important functions for the body. It is best to say that the oral cavity is the gateway to the body. Oral health requires precise attention, in all ages and has to be maintained in all aspects.

Certain soft and hard tissues within the oral cavity can be prone to various oral habits and physical trauma or stress leading to harm to the hard tissue (teeth) and soft tissues (gums).

Teeth Grinding

The most typical oral habit is teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism) during sleep or awake. This can be experienced by both children, adults, old males, and females. This unnatural behavior causes severe damage to the teeth. Grinding or clenching wears off the outermost hard layer of teeth (enamel) or restorations, allowing the teeth to become more sensitive, pain/tenderness/tension in the jaw muscles, and headaches. These symptoms may vary and could be negligible or definite, with or without patients cognizance.

Sports injuries

Another factor that leads to tooth wear or damage is sports or athletics. The people who are athletes or play sports are at higher risk of getting teeth injury. Mouth-related injuries in sports are common and can lead to broken, chipped, fractured teeth crowns, and roots. Soft tissue injuries involve lip, or intra-oral tissue lacerations, etc.

In both cases, mouth guards or night guards are the best solutions to prevent and keep your teeth safe from such habits or injuries. Mouth/Night Guards are made to reduce the effects of teeth wear and damage to a greater extent.

Who We Are

We at Coquitlam dental are a group of dental professionals who are qualified and certified for various dental procedures. All the members of our team are credentialed and competent enough to give the patient a reliable dental treatment that eventually improves the quality of life.
We aim to deliver and provide high-quality and patient-centered dental treatments at reasonable and affordable costs. Our dental professionals and clinical staff ensure to provide a safe, comfortable, and friendly experience to our respected patients. Coquitlam dental group proudly offers dental services using dental high technology such as Cone Beam Imaging and modern dental equipment and instruments that significantly enhance the treatment efficiency and outcome.

Why Choose Us?

Our dentists at Coquitlam dental group are professionally qualified and certified in providing dental treatments in their respective fields. Our dental Group consists of three professional dentists and trained supporting dental staff.

Dr. Kamaei has almost twenty years of clinical experience in providing high-quality dental treatments. He is licensed for offering dental treatments under Oral, moderate IV, and Gas sedation. He also offers Invisalign and Implant services.

Dr. Katz, after successfully graduating from McGill University, Montreal, completed a one year residency from Montreal Children’s Hospital. He has successfully completed several dental treatments in British Columbia.

Dr. Rouhani is certified in providing all types of dental services comprehensively. She intends to deliver safe and pleasant treatments to the patients. Currently, she is also an active member of the Canadian Dental Association and the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia.

All our dentists have successfully managed and performed many dental treatments holistically, and will ensure to provide the best quality dental treatments for your healthy and beautiful oral cavity.

Mouth Guard Candidates

We at Coquitlam dental group provides and delivers mouth/night guards for all types of patients who can experience teeth grinding or clenching and are sporty or athletes, regardless of age, gender, and health status. We assess your dental and medical status thoroughly and design custom patient-centered mouth/ night guards. Specific high-quality material is used to make these products using high technology standards. You can contact us before visiting our dental setup. Our dental professionals will make sure to guide and provide you with the best recommendations and solutions for your dental concern.

What We Do

Apart from providing the service for mouth/night guards, we also provide various dental treatments that are necessary for the overall health of the oral cavity. At Coquitlam dental group we provide following dental procedures comprehensively such as

Cosmetic Dentistry

This service includes Smile Makeover, Teeth Bonding, Porcelain Veneers, Botox treatment, and Gum Surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Family Dentistry

It includes teeth scaling, restorative fillings, bridges and crowns, dentures (fixed, removable, complete and partial), endodontic therapies, oral and implant surgeries.

Sedation Dentistry

This includes dental treatments that need to perform under local, general, and gas sedation.

Teeth in a Day

Depending on the need and type of dental service.

Periodontal Therapies

It includes treatment for Gum injuries and Surgeries, Gum/Bone Grafting, Periodontal Flap Surgeries, and fixing Loose Teeth and teeth occlusion Problems.

Treating problems related to Bad Breath (Halitosis) and Teeth Grinding or Clenching, and mouth/night guards, etc.

Geriatric Dental Health

Comprehensive dental health care for old age individuals.

Pediatric Dental Health

Comprehensive dental health care for children and adolescence.

Emergency Dental Care

Toothache, Dental trauma to the teeth, and gums.


A modern orthodontic procedure for teeth straightening.

Benefits Of Wearing A Mouth Guard

Teeth being an important part of our body provides a number of functions. Any trauma or injury can lead to serious dental concerns. As barriers, mouth guards provide protection and less damage to the teeth, jaws, and overall mouth. These are highly beneficial to use during night time for teeth grinders and athletes, children, and sportspeople during playtime or practice.

How To Take Care Of Your Mouth Guard?

Like other dental appliances, mouth/ night guards have to be removed and cleaned the right way. Gently scrub or clean with simple tap water and your regular toothpaste after each use and keep it in a safety case. Avoid exposing it to the heat or sun. Regular consultation with a supervised dentist should be made for maintenance.

Why Deal With Us?

Coquitlam Dental Group endeavors excellence and intent to provide quality and patient-centered dental services to our respected patients. We ensure that all our professionals keep their skills and knowledge up to date with new scientific research and trends. At Coquitlam Dental Care, we make sure to respect our patient's time and efficient services are provided. We are proud that our clients trust in our professional dental health care professionals and the services that we provide

Final Words

We professionally handle and treat all your dental concerns to the best of our practice following standard clinical protocols for treatments and procedures. Moreover, we ensure the best clinical facilities such as a safe and hygienic environment, modern technology, patient-centered, and comprehensive dental treatments. Under one roof we provide all types of dental care, that one needs to have a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. Our professionally trained and certified dentists and staff members are dedicated and passionate about giving quality dental care in the world-class clinical environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Need a Mouth Guard?

If you are experiencing some sort of teeth grinding or clenching behaviors, or you are noticing sensitive teeth, sore, tender, and painful jaw muscles, intermittent headaches. Also, if you or your children are involved in sports or athletics, then you might need a mouth.

A thorough consultation from your dentist is necessary before opting for this protective dental ware. 

Is the Mouth/Night Guard Going to Treat the Habit of Teeth Grinding or Clenching (Bruxism)?

Bruxism is mainly associated with psychological stress, anxiety, aggressiveness, usage of certain medications, and sometimes familial linkage. Mouth/night guards are only going to prevent the traumatic effects of these conditions on the teeth. However, it does not treat Bruxism. A holistic medical approach is required to treat Bruxism.

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Mouth/Night Guard?

The night guards are made up of specific materials and the type of material can vary from soft to hard. For sure these require maintenance or replacement depending on the degree of damage to the mouth/night guard from teeth grinding or clenching and biting.

Can I Wear A Mouth/Night Guard When I Have Braces On?

Yes, absolutely. Specialized mouth/night guards are made for individuals who have braces on.

Is the Mouth/Night Guard Going to Fall Off the Mouth?

A well fitted night/mouth guard fits snugly around the teeth and there are rare chances that it will fall out, until and unless it is loosely fitted or too small for your mouth.

Is the Material of Mouth/Night Guard Safe?

Yes, it is made up of ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is considered to be safe to use for manufacturing the mouth/night guards.

Where Can I Find the Best Mouth/Night Guard?

There are several best mouth/night guards available in the market over the counter. However, these over the counter guards may or may not fit properly around your teeth. One of the best options to have a reliable mouth/night guard is the custom made by your dentist. These custom made mouth/night guards are precisely designed to match your oral cavity keeping in view your comfort level.

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Got any idea where to avail the leading Mouth Guard in Coquitlam? Talk to an expert.

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