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What Is Invisalign?

It is a kind of orthodontic treatment that can be done to enhance your smile. It can be employed for those individuals who have alignment issues with their teeth. It can also be used effectively for mild to moderate misalignment.

Invisalign treatment is useful for crossbite, underbite, and overbite patients. The clear plastic aligner trays have been used in this method to align the teeth properly. This can be achieved by wearing the trays for 20 hours daily. You can maintain proper oral hygiene because these trays are removable and provide ease to do brushing and flossing. You will feel comfortable wearing these trays as they are removable and less complicated than wires and brackets.

History of Invisalign

The invention of Invisalign belongs to two students Zia Chisti and Kelsey Wirth from Stanford University. At that time Chisti was himself an adult orthodontic patient. He faced many difficulties related to treatment.

Chishti thought that retainers, only used as a way to keep the teeth in place after treatment, could be used for the treatment process, an alternative that could prove more convenient than conventional orthodontic braces.

Chishti joined up with fellow students Kelsey Wirth, Lerios, and Brian Freyburger, technically co-founded Apostolos. Together they founded the company Align Technology, which would bring Invisalign to market.

How Does Invisalign Work

First of all, you have to book an appointment with your dentist for a proper consultation. After that, your dentist will decide either you are a suitable candidate for this procedure or that by assessing your smile and teeth. If you agree then the next step is the 3D digital impression.

The images created by impressions are sent to the Invisalign laboratories. The team will guide the patient about the use of a set of trays to improve their smile. Depending on the misalignment, dentists decide the number of trays in a patient’s series. The treatment will be initiated by wearing the first set of trays for two weeks. In the same process, the process continues till the last tray and then the patient achieved their beautiful smile.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Age plays an essential part in deciding whether Invisalign is suitable for you or not. Typically, this orthodontic treatment choice fits better for older individuals and adults, as liability rises with age in most cases. For younger teens and children, braces and other treatments are more suitable options. The situation is different for each patient.

Adults and older teens usually follow strict instructions that’s why they are ideal candidates for Invisalign. It is recommended by the dentist to wear Invisalign trays for a period of 22 hours per day and must be replaced or changed on schedule. Younger teens didn’t wear Invisalign properly and remove frequently.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisible Appearance

Invisalign are transparent, clear, and invisible. They do not affect your smile and beauty. Due to this reason, they are the first choice of people as compared to braces. Most of the people are not comfortable with braces due to wires, brackets, and glue associated with them.


Moreover, they are comfortable as they are made up of smooth plastic, whereas braces are made up of metals. No sharp edges, no restriction of food make it comfortable for people.

Improved Cleanliness

You can maintain better oral hygiene and cleanliness with Invisalign. Just remove the trays when you need to floss and brush your teeth. You can also clean your trays with a brush or by pouring water on them. You would have the best and beautiful smile if your gums and teeth are healthy. Your overall health improves when your oral cavity is healthy.

Saves Time

You have spent less time on the dentist’s chair if you choose Invisalign. Less maintenance is required for Invisalign as maintenance required only after 6 weeks. Whereas you have to book lots of appointments with your dentist for maintaining other teeth straightening options.

Safe and Removable

Invisalign will provide a comfortable experience without causing any damage or difficulties. They don’t disturb your daily routine like eating, flossing, and brushing as they are removable and easy to wear.

Eat Whatever You Want

There are no food restrictions with Invisalign. Different orthodontic procedures limit you from having your favorite food and drink. In most cases, you have to avoid soda drinks, coffee, eating candies, apples, or any hard food. Just remove the trays and enjoy your favorite food.

Better Dental Health

If your dental health is good, then you have better overall health. Limiting the gaps and crowding makes it easy for you to improve your oral hygiene. Straight teeth improve your dental health and make your gums healthy.

Beautifully Straight Teeth

The best reason to choose and use Invisalign is that they enhance the beauty of your teeth by straightening them and giving you an attractive smile.

Orthodontic Issues Which Can Be Treated By Invisalign

Crooked Teeth

Invisalign can treat crooked teeth. It is a common problem with both baby teeth and permanent teeth. As baby teeth have less space to fill the gums they become crooked.

Protruding Teeth

Excessive tongue pressing can cause protruding teeth. That may lead to misalignment of teeth in which teeth don’t have proper positions. This condition is common in childhood and adulthood.


It is a common problem that causes the overlapping of upper front teeth with lower front teeth.


It happens when your lower jaw extends forward and causes lower teeth and jaw to extend beyond the upper teeth.


There are various causes of crossbite, including jaw position, tooth positions, or a combination of both. It is a common bite problem where the position of both upper and lower teeth is different during biting as they do not come together to bite.

Open Bite

It is a condition that happens when your teeth have alignment issues as compared to jaws. In an anterior open bite, upper and lower teeth don’t touch when the mouth is shut due to their outward positioning.

Gaps in Between Teeth

Space and gaps between teeth are called diastema. Such gaps and spaces are noticeable from anywhere. This is a common problem in children and adults. The gaps may disappear in children when their permanent teeth replace their baby teeth.

Crowded Teeth

When your permanent teeth have no space to grow in straight lines, the condition is called crowded teeth. It is the issue with space that cannot accommodate teeth in straight form.

Reasons To Choose Invisalign

As Effective as Traditional Braces

Aligners are highly effective when compared with traditional braces. They can effectively solve any dental problems like overcrowding, gaps, underbites, and overbites. For adjustment purposes, you have to wear retainers during the treatment. They can tightly fit on our teeth as they are made from acrylic and clear plastic material.

Decrease Self Consciousness

It has been seen that braces lower the confidence of a person. They are made up of metals, wires and they affect your smile as well. On the other hand, Invisalign gives you more confidence as they are invisible and also remove any source of anxiety.

Eating Habits

Due to the removability of aligners they did not restrict you from eating. Whereas, in the case of braces you cannot eat raw carrots, apples, candies, and popcorns.

Convenience and Time Span of Treatment

Depending on the condition and movement of your teeth Invisalign takes between 10 and 24 weeks. You can get a new pair of aligners every six months from your dentist. There is no need to visit your dentist more often if you are comfortable with your aligners.


Your dental insurance policies can provide facilities like orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. To make your payment methods affordable and convenient your dentist offers variable monthly packages.


That makes Invisalign people’s first choice. They are invisible, comfortable to wear, and easy to remove.

Can Be Used as Protective Gear and Mouth Guard Replacement

You can protect your teeth by wearing a mouth guard during sports activities. You have an extra layer of protection when you use Invisalign during mountain biking or playing other sports. You can also protect your teeth grinding during sleeping by wearing a retainer that acts as a mouthguard. You can also get white teeth by wearing retainers.

Your Dental Hygienist Will Appreciate It

The aligners make your flossing and brushing easy as they are removable. They help you to achieve maximum oral hygiene. When your teeth are cluttered or cooked they facilitate bacterial growth and they can cause more damage. If you maintain proper oral hygiene, then you spend less time with your dentist during the cleaning process.

Reduction of Pain

If you’ve ever had a scratching sore face understand what I’m talking about. When you grind in your sleep, facial muscles get sore and the only remedy is a mouthguard. As there is a protective layer between your teeth in the form of Invisalign you can prevent grinding of your teeth.

A Good Bite

Orthodontic procedures are not only meant to improve your smile, but it aims to improve your health. A good bite will improve your chewing and prevent pain in joints around the mouth and jaw clicking.

Final Words

Are you interested in wearing Invisalign? If you want a beautiful smile, then our team is here to guide you. You can share your needs with us and we will guide you accordingly. You can contact us anytime if you want a beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Wear a Retainer After My Invisalign Treatment Is Complete?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear a retainer, whether you have aligners or braces. It is the same as that of wearing aligners but you only have to wear a retainer at night.

How Will Invisalign Treatment Straighten My Teeth?

Your dentist examines the exact movement of your teeth and then design and create a unique digital treatment to know that knows the exact movement of your teeth. creates a distinctive, digital treatment plan. Then according to your plan your aligner applies the exact amount of force to the right location at the right time. To ensure the correct fitting of your aligners, your dentist records the progress of each step.

How Is Invisalign Different from Braces?

These both are materialistically different. Invisalign are invisible and made up of BPA-free clear plastic which is smooth and comfortable to wear on your teeth. Invisalign allows the proper movement of your teeth. Whereas braces contain metal brackets supported by wires, rubber bands, and glued to your teeth.

Will Wearing Invisalign Interfere with My Speech?

It is a common observation that any orthodontic treatment requires a few days to adjust. Many patients reported that they feel comfortable while wearing aligners and they have no problem in their speech. For the first couple of days, patients may feel a little bit of lisp. Once you acclimate with aligners your speech will go back to normal.

Is Invisalign Easy to Use?

Yes, they are easy and comfortable to use, that’s why they are getting popular. They are comfortable to wear and easy to remove. People around you won’t see aligners as they are invisible. Moreover, they don’t have sharp edges that can damage your gums. Most of the people wear aligners with confidence.

How Many Hours a Day Do I Need to Wear Invisalign?

If you want to get the maximum benefits of your treatment, then you have to wear aligners at least 22 hours per day. You have to maintain these aligners properly. You should wash them properly, and do the brushing. After every meal, the coffee you should brush your teeth. It is advised by the dentist not to drink soda beverages, tea, and coffee while wearing aligners just to prevent damaging of aligners.

What Material Are the Aligners Made Of? Are They Comfortable?

Lightweight BPA-free plastic material is used in the manufacturing of Invisalign aligners. It was designed for the patient so that it precisely fit in the patient’s mouth. Patients may feel uncomfortable at the start due to personal issues but they become comfortable after that as they are more comfortable than that of metal braces.

How Will Invisalign Effectively Move My Teeth?

The important parts of braces are archwires and brackets. Invisalign controls the movement of teeth by appropriate placement of teeth. It is different from braces as it controls the force and timing of the force as well. In this treatment plan, each step allows the movement of certain teeth.

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