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What is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is a surgical treatment that is performed in cases of gum recession. It aims to restore the anatomy of the gingival structure, prevent the progression of recession and restore the health of the oral cavity. Gingival recession is characterized by the fact that the gum is retracted towards the root of the teeth, which is why part of it is exposed. And it is precisely in this place of root exposure that the gum graft is positioned.

Why is Gum Grafting Performed?

The exposed dental roots due to gingival recession often have an increased sensitivity to heat or cold, resulting in less or more intense discomfort when drinking or eating. Likewise, these exposed areas are more susceptible to the installation of microorganisms and consequently to the development of cavities. This is favoured by the fact that due to the high sensitivity some people avoid brushing their teeth in this area. On the other hand, it also compromises the aesthetics of the smile.

Who We Are

Coquitlam Dental Group is a team of highly prepared dental professionals committed to offering their patients dental services characterized by the highest quality, with the latest technology, using the best materials and updated procedures, adapted to the needs of each patient. We are also committed to treating our patients with human kindness. In Coquitlam Dental Group we extend our services for all the members of the family, we have services of pediatric dentistry, surgery, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, implants and many more. Everything under protocols of the highest standards. Our priority is your oral health, well-being and comfort.

Why Choose Gum Grafting?

Because at Coquitlam Dental Group we have a specialized staff in the area of periodontal therapy that will ensure that your gum graft procedure is performed in the proper way, preventing and avoiding possible complications. In addition to having the instruments and advanced technology to facilitate the surgical process. Our goal is always to provide an excellent service in which our patients obtain the best results and see their oral health restored.

For which in the Coquitlam Dental Group we make sure that our specialists have the highest levels of accreditation. In addition, we believe that the quality of care begins with the good treatment of our patients, attending their requests and clarifying their doubts, so that they feel comfortable, confident and relaxed.

What to Expect

The conditions that determine the performance of a gum grafting are varied, among which the following stand out: Root coverage in patients who present a gum recession towards the root area that may or may not present painful symptoms, desire to improve the aesthetics of the smile. Also, when there is discomfort when ingesting food and cold and/or hot drinks. In patients with this condition who also present a predisposition to the development of caries. When there are abrasions on the neck of the tooth. Before starting orthodontic treatment and you want to avoid dehiscence, in cases of fenestrations or as a complement to the treatment with dental implants to improve the gingival anatomy.

How Gum Grafting Works

Step 1: Anesthesia

First the local anesthetic technique is performed, which in some situations may be accompanied by conscious sedation if the patient requires it.

Step 2: Preparation of the Donor Site

A small portion of healthy keratinized epithelial and connective tissue, usually from the palate, is detached. Subsequently, this wound must be sutured to promote healing.

Step 3: Preparation of the Receptor Site

This portion of tissue is carefully placed in the required area and stabilized by means of a suture. Progressively, new blood vessels will grow and the graft will integrate with the new surrounding tissue.

Step 4: Suture Removal

The patient must be cited to have the stitches removed and to have a post-surgery check-up, which will be maintained for approximately 3 months, depending on the complexity of each case.

Gum Grafting Benefits

Restoring Periodontal Health

This procedure restores the gingival anatomy, which makes it possible to correctly brush the teeth, which in turn slows down the action and accumulation of pathological and irritating agents that cause dental caries and periodontal disease. Therefore, health is restored to the affected tooth.

Disappearance of Pain

After the procedure has been properly performed, there is no longer any sensitivity in the affected area to heat or cold, nor is there any pain or discomfort from touching or rubbing.


It restores aesthetics to the smile, which for many means a boost to their security and self-esteem. Many individuals with a complex about the image of their oral cavity are shy, self-conscious and insecure about themselves, which in turn affects their interpersonal relationships.

Why Deal With Us

In Coquitlam Dental Group we have the best staff of dental care because we are formed by a team of highly accredited specialists. In addition, we provide our patients with up-to-date treatments and high-tech instruments and equipment. Our priority is the welfare and comfort of the patient as well as meet their expectations and needs.

Final Words

The gum grafting is mainly indicated when there is a gingival recession in progress and it is desired to stop its advance. Also, it is performed prior to orthodontic treatment, or as an accompaniment to the placement of dental implants. In this procedure, a portion of healthy keratinized tissue is taken (which may be from the palate) and repositioned in the root exposure area. This is done in order to relieve painful symptoms when faced with stimuli, as well as in cases where aesthetics is compromised.

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Healthy gums with an adequate quality and quantity of tissue are necessary for the good health of the oral cavity, since they protect the teeth, and therefore, if they are not healthy, neither are the teeth. Making regular visits to the dentist helps to maintain oral health and to the early detection of disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Gingival Recession Happens?

An improper toothbrushing technique in which excessive force is applied to the neck of the teeth can result in abrasion and gum recession. Likewise, inadequate oral hygiene favours the accumulation of dental plaque which has an irritating and inflammatory action on the gum that can lead to its retraction. Similarly, poorly adapted prostheses or orthodontic appliances can cause them to recede.

What Instructions Should I Follow After This Operation?

Eat a soft diet and plenty of fluids. Do not spit or perform aspiration, suction, or gargle movements to avoid opening any stitches. Perform dental hygiene delicately in the affected area. Do not smoke for at least 2 days, since the heat and smoke emitted by smoking has harmful effects on periodontal tissues. Avoid making physical efforts and carrying weight. Comply with the analgesic treatment indicated by the specialist.

Is Gum Grafting Procedure Painful?

As it is performed under local anesthesia and in some cases accompanied by conscious sedation, there is no risk of suffering pain during the procedure. In addition, the specialist will prescribe the patient pain medication for the post-operative period. Even so, it is necessary that the patient comply with the post-operative instructions to prevent any bleeding or painful symptoms

What Complications Could Occur During Surgery?

As it is a procedure that involves only superficial tissues, it does not imply major complications as long as it is performed under correct planning of the case, with the necessary knowledge to carry it out and that the patient does not suffer from any severe pathology. Among the complications that can occur after the procedure are inflammation, bleeding and in some cases infection.

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If you’re looking for gum grafting within the area of Coquitlam, our dental office is the perfect place to visit! Talk to us.

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