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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums created by your dentist as a replacement for natural teeth. Depending on the need they can be partial or full like they can replace only some missing teeth or can replace all teeth. Your dentist designs custom dentures for you that can visually match your teeth and fit perfectly in your mouth.

What Are They Made Of?

In the past, porcelain or plastic has been used for dentures or artificial teeth. But, nowadays, the hard resin is commonly used. Denture teeth material used to be fragile and can easily crack or chip when dropped. As compared to natural teeth the dentures made up of such materials wear down rapidly and must be replaced every five years.

Why Wear Dentures?

Dentures have multiple benefits like they support the structure of the mouth around lips and cheeks and also improve your smile by replacing missing teeth.

By wearing dentures, there is no food restriction for you as you can eat and chew different foods. That doesn’t change your diet or eating habits. They are a reliable solution for many dental health issues like rotted roots, and serious dental pain. They prevent further damage to the teeth. Dentures are beautiful alternatives that fit perfectly in your mouth and replace your troublesome teeth and prevent further problems.

How It Works

A flesh-colored acrylic foundation fits over the gums with full dentures. The palate (the roof of your mouth) is covered by the base of the upper denture, while one of the lower dentures is shaped like a horseshoe to match your tongue.

Dentists prepare dentures in a laboratory from the impressions taken from your mouth. Your dentist will decide which denture suits you the best.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

You have to be careful while handling your dentures. If you want your dentures last-long then you should do their proper maintenance. You should store them at a proper place when not in use. You should avoid hard food that may cause problems for you. Your dentures are at high risk of getting damaged if you chew ice or any other hard food. A minor crack or chip may result in a crack of the base pate.

If you do proper care of dentures they should last for many years. Whereas, they require readjustment if additional teeth need to be removed or due to jawbone shift. You can contact your dentist if you need dentures due to trauma, tooth decay, old age, and disease. Your dentist will design a new set of attractive and strong teeth so that you can enjoy your life.

Dentures to Choose From

Conventional Full Denture

They are placed in your mouth when you lose all teeth. Conventional full denture only placed in your mouth when tissue healed properly. You have to live without teeth several months till the healing time is complete.

Immediate Full Dentures

When your tooth extractions are unavoidable then the best solution is immediate dentures. You will be having fully functional teeth on the same day after immediate dentures. You will not feel embarrassed after having immediate full dentures.

Partial Denture

They get attached to your natural teeth with the help of a metal framework. Sometimes crowns are used to anchor dentures when placed on some of your natural teeth. Partial dentures are removable and can be used as an alternative to bridges.

Custom Dentures

You will have a natural-looking smile with custom dentures as they are made from expensive teeth. Dentists will design dentures exclusively for you according to your needs to give a natural and beautiful smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dentures and implants both are compatible and support each other. For a solid foundation, the denture provides full support and fixes the denture securely in place. The dental implants are long-lasting and look natural.

Common Reasons for Needing Dentures


Rotting of teeth and then falling out is common in some age groups due to years of decay. Despite regular brushing, flossing, and checkups, tooth decay happens due to poor oral hygiene, diseases, diet, and genetics. Dentures are designed by dentists in discussion with patients based on personal preference and cost.

Gum Disease

Teeth loss also happened due to untreated gum diseases. For such conditions dentures are the best choice to restore your smile. Almost 70% of adults lose teeth due to gum disease and then need dentures.

There are many symptoms that are strong indicators of gum disease including tender, swollen, red, and bloody gums. Loose and shifting teeth also indicate gum diseases. You need to consult your dentist if you are experiencing any of the symptoms.


Your teeth can seriously damage due to facial injury. There are other methods like to implant a tooth or to preserve the teeth but that’s not always acceptable. If your teeth are damaged due to injury, dentures can easily and quickly restore your smile.

Dentures are mostly required or suitable if you suffer any traffic accidents and sports injuries. If such incidents happen at a young age, then it is very difficult to live with it.

Benefits of Dentures

Preserve Your Facial Structure

The impact your face looks is due to the bone structure of your teeth. You will lose bone structure with the loss of most of your teeth. Your appearance will be changed by this. Dentures can help to restore the form lost along with the teeth. The dentures are intended to restore the facial structure you've had before the loss of your tooth.

Give You a Confident Smile

With the loss of a tooth, many people feel and experience self-consciousness and embarrassment due to their smiles. They didn't laugh or gave closed-mouthed smiles during conversations. When you have dentures, you will not hide your smile as they give you confidence.

Allow You to Eat the Foods You Enjoy

Missing teeth may restrict you from eating some of your favorite food. You can eat normally when you have dentures. If your dentist fits dentures well, you can easily eat foods without pain.

Improve Your Speech

To make the right sound for a word our tongue pushes against our teeth. In the case of missing teeth, you will feel difficulty in the pronunciation of some words. Dentures will restore your speech and improve the pronunciation of letters and words.


Dentures are cost-effective and simple to use that gives you a beautiful smile. The sets of dentures are available for both, few missing teeth and for advanced tooth loss. Advance tooth loss needs full set dentures and few missing teeth require partial dentures. You can also choose dentures when you have more natural teeth than missing ones. If you take extra care of them they will last longer and give you a beautiful smile.


If you want your dentures will look good and have sparkle appearance, then you have to handle them with care. Eventually, dentures will be replaced at some time most probably after 10 years. You have to brush them twice daily with a soft-bristled brush. Your exceptional care increases the lifespan of your dentures.

Final Words

Dentures are a relatively quick and easy way to restore that perfect smile and rebuild the self-esteem that is often decreased after someone experiences the embarrassment of losing one or more teeth.

At Coquitlam Dental Group, we’re passionate about helping you feel confident in your smile. Our trained staff is committed to giving you perfectly fitted dentures and equipping you with the support and knowledge you need to keep your dentures looking great for years to come. If you’re ready to feel confident in your smile again, give us a call at (604) 931-3133 to set up a denture consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do New Dentures Feel Like?

Patients may feel uncomfortable and odd at the starting because dentures aren’t fixed properly. They may feel loose until your tongue and cheeks muscles keep them in place. Usually, after a few weeks’ patients feel comfortable while removing and inserting them.

How Long Before I Get Used to My Dentures?

You may feel uncomfortable or awkward with new dentures for some weeks or even months. Little practice is required for speaking and eating with dentures.

Are Dentures Worn 24 Hours a Day?

Your dentist or prosthodontist will guide you about wearing dentures and when to remove them. After receiving your dentures it is recommended to wear dentures all the time while sleeping as well.

Will Dentures Change How I Speak?

Dentures may alter your pronunciation. It has been seen that many patients experience difficulty in speech and speaking certain words. The dentist will recommend you to practice by speaking difficult words loudly.

Will Dentures Make Me Look Different?

There is only a small noticeable difference between dentures and natural teeth. They are almost similar to your natural teeth. It improves your facial appearance and also enhances your smile.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled?

Dentists have to wait till the swelling goes down. After the extraction of teeth, the dentist recommends a healing time of 6-8 weeks to normalize swelling and for better fitting of dentures.

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