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Coquitlam Dental Group is a dental clinic in Coquitlam, British Columbia, that treats patients of all ages. Our BC dental office is dedicated to providing your family with dental services such as teeth cleaning and checkup, Invisalign, dental veneers, dental implants, and other cosmetic dental procedures. In addition, we are also available to provide emergency dental procedures such as tooth bonding, root canal, dental crowns and bridges.

We believe in forming long-term relationships with our patients, their families and friends, ensuring that they receive treatment in a warm and calm setting. Our dentists and dental staff invite you to schedule your appointment by calling (604) 931-3133 or by doing it through our website.
About the Dentists

Dr. Shahram Kamaei & Dr. Stuart Katz

With almost twenty years of experience and nonstop continuing education Dr. Kamaei is dedicated to providing numerous dental services in almost all aspects of Dentistry. He is licensed under Oral, Gas and Moderate IV Sedation. He also offers invisalign to straighten your teeth with invisible aligners. He has done numerous implant surgeries and restorations and will make sure to give you the smile you deserve.

Dr. Stuart Katz graduated from McGill University in Montreal in 1993 and he has also held a one year residency program at Montreal Children’s Hospital. After moving to BC he began his dental practice. He is married with three children and lives in New Westminster, British Columbia. He enjoys golfing, fishing and spending time with his family.
What can we offer you?

Our Services

At Coquitlam Dental Group, you can assure that you will receive proper dental care from a team of dental professionals. We can cater to every family member as we offer comprehensive dental services such as cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, sedation dentistry, dental implants, periodontal therapy, and more.
What We Do

We Provide The Right Dental Care

At Coquitlam Dental Group, we are committed to offering patients the understanding and respect that they deserve. We believe that there should be no compromise on the quality of the services we give to our patients. We use the right dental equipment to make sure that your concern is well-attended.

We Foster a Warm and Friendly Environment 

We pride ourselves on the comfort and warm-friendly atmosphere we give to our patients especially when they feel anxious about seeing a dentist or the dental treatment itself. We make sure that we listen and understand them to build trust and long-lasting relationships for them to have no reason in visiting a dentist to help them with their overall oral health. Lastly, we make sure our office itself gives a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for our patients every time they come inside our clinic. 

We Have Dental Care Under One Roof

At Coquitlam Dental Group, we want to give everything you might ever need to have a brand new smile. We cater and handle dental care for all ages such as cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, sedation dentistry, missing teeth, and more. Thanks to our skilled and dedicated team, we are able to offer various dental services all in one roof. 

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